Future of Media Research Report


Nike commisioned the Office of Applied Strategy to create a comprehensive report series on the future of media for the global communications team to help inform long-term planning for the organization over the next 3-5 years across regions.

In partnership with our creative partner agency C47, we examined themes we saw emerging and maturing over the next three to five years across the media landscape.


Broken out over nine chapters and spanning over 150+ pages of insights, case studies and takeaways, we covered:

  1. Sports & E-Sports Media
  2. The Future of Print
  3. Gen-Z Content Culture
  4. Micro-Communities
  5. New Media Models
  6. Global Media Trends
  7. New Retail & Media
  8. Physical Media
  9. The Creator Economy

Our research was published in three formats for Nike executives and global comms members: printable zine, email newsletter and narrated podcast. Doing so allowed Nike to more effectively distribute and disseminate the report internally to flexibly meet the busy schedules and varying media consumption preferences of stakeholders across their global team.